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Safety Stop Diveshop


Safety Stop Diveshop is the first Diveshop that owned by a dedicated local. We are very happy to fully serve you and give you the best experience exploring the all the Lakes, Reefs, and Shipwrecks in Coron, Palawan. Safety Stop Diveshop is located in a Beautiful Town of Coron Palawan in the Philippines. We have best and friendly instructors and divemasters their enthusiasm and experience inspire excitement among divers, whether they are discussing the best underwater locations or curating top-notch equipment. Enter their world to receive a friendly welcome, knowledgeable counsel, and a connection to a group of people that value learning about the wonders of the ocean. 


Safety in scuba diving is the guiding light of every descent. Training, meticulous planning, and vigilant equipment checks ensure a secure underwater journey, so you can dive into the depths with confidence and emerge with unforgettable memories.



Equipment in scuba diving is your lifeline to the underwater world. From tanks that hold your breath to masks that reveal hidden beauty, each piece serves as a portal to exploration, allowing you to unlock the mysteries of the ocean with every dive.

Equipments are well maintained to make you comfortable and safe using all equipment.


Scuba diving offers a gateway to pure joy. With each breath, you enter a realm of vibrant colors, weightless freedom, and enchanting marine life. The thrill of discovery and the sense of awe combine for an experience that leaves smiles as wide as the ocean horizon.

We will ensure you will enjoy and experience best services under the ocean, our Instructors and Divemasters will take you to the next level.